press release:
march 6, 2015 - 9:45 PM EST

South Boston Allied War Veterans Council
P.O. Box 350 South Boston MA. 02127
Sponsors of
The South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day / Evacuation Day Parade

6 March 2015

We would like to thank all of you who took the time to write letters, faxes and phone calls in support of our recent decision to deny the application submitted to us by LGBT Veterans for Equality. It became evident to us we were being misled by them and that is where negotiations ended. We have always tried to keep things on an even Kiel with regard to our changing community and political correctness. “Do not be fooled by the Trojan Horse”. Indeed all things are not what they seem. The Council has learned this the hard way. We’re not perfect, we’re a group of volunteers that love this parade. We appreciate your continued support in lieu of the derogatory correspondence some of you received as a plot to circumvent donations greatly needed to finance this parade. As you know, this parade is funded by our community and our corporate sponsors. We will not allow anyone to express harmful or inappropriate messages. This was a decision we made for the good of this parade.

Keep in mind, we are approached by all types of groups. Some of which try to destroy the integrity of not only this parade, but our faith, this town and our Country. And to those we say, “No!, stay home, Not in my town” Rest assured, we will continue to exclude anyone that tries to compromise the public’s enjoyment of this parade.  We strive to host the largest and most entertaining parade anywhere. We are broadcast on live television, and draw crowds that exceed one million people.
We are tough proud South Bostonians, with deep scars from controversy that dates back decades. Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of our Irish. We love our parade. This parade is a chance for all to join together and celebrate the love of friends, family, and the faith of our community. We invite all to join us to celebrate this historic event, but we must maintain our guidelines to insure the enjoyment and public safety of our spectators.   

See you all on the 16th of March.
“We’ll take you, and break you, but never forsake you, in Southie Our Hometown”
Sincerely Yours,

The Council

press release:
march 3, 2015

Press Release with MassEquality in PDF Form: [Download Form]

South Boston Allied War Veterans Council
P.O. Box 350 South Boston MA. 02127
Sponsors of
The South Boston St. Patrick’s Day / Evacuation Day Parade


3, March 2015

At a recent meeting of The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, a motion was brought up about reconsidering an application that had been previously rejected. This application was submitted by LGBT Veterans of Equality, (An affiliate of Mass Equality). The reason for this rejection was a clear violation of our “No sexual orientation” rule, and not that we ban Gay people as reported by the press.

The application stated that 20 United States Veterans wished to March with Mayor Walsh and other Politicians in this year’s parade. They also indicated that they were a “Veterans Organization”, “helping Veterans from Cradle to Grave”. After some consideration, the Council agreed that Any Veteran should be allowed to march, regardless of sexual orientation. Further, any organization which helps our Veterans is welcome. This application was conditionally approved as submitted with the understanding that These 20 Veterans can march but no sexual orientation would be displayed, and the group would comply with our standard “Code of Conduct”, followed by all marching units in this parade.

To our surprise, the offer was rejected by Mass Equality’s representative Kara Coredini. Her rejection was based on the fact that we would not allow LGBT Veterans to identify themselves as openly Gay by means of signage and T Shirts Identifying Them as LGBT Veteran. This clearly violates our code of conduct.
At a closed door City Hall meeting last night it was made clear to us that the LGBT Veterans for Equality do not have 20 United States Veterans who wish to march. Rather, they presented only one supposed Veteran and a group of others carrying rainbow flags. When asked about a Color Guard, their loan Veteran replied that he wasn’t sure he could supply any more Veterans willing to march.  

The Council performs background checks on groups wishing to march prior to their acceptance. We were unable to find any evidence of LGBT Veterans for Equality that would confirm them as a recognized Veterans Organization.

We appreciate the efforts the Mayor’s office to try and mediate this issue. However it is our intention to keep this an Irish Celebration, dedicated to our Men and Women serving in our Armed Forces. We will fight to keep our parade and its traditions.

Therefore, we The Allied War Veterans of South Boston fell we were misled by LGBT Veterans for Equality. It is our belief that the application submitted to us by LGBT Veterans for Equality was a ploy by them to enter this parade under false pretenses and is hereby denied.   

It is our intention to keep this parade a family friendly event. We will not allow any group to damage the Integrity of the historic event or our reputation as a safe and fun filled day for all. We strive to hold the largest and most entertaining St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Country.  

God Bless our Troops and God Bless this Country!  


E-mail: [email protected] - Call Us: 844-4ST-PATS (478-7287)